In our last blog, we talked to Meredith about the importance of practice.  What happens next?  

The practice that we teach, involves meditation and healing.  No doubt, these techniques bring you to a pleasant state. What if the pleasant state lasts longer?  What if you are in this state as you commute to work, give presentation , walk around in the cafeteria deciding what to eat? What if you are in a heated meeting and the most difficult person says exactly what you had in mind and it saves you a few days of work?  What if your inbox has an email informing you that an unreasonable deadline has changed to your liking?  And that is precisely what happens over a period of time as you practice persistently.  You will also notice that things around you change.  People respond to you differently than before.  You seem to have slowed down and respond to situations much better.  There are more difficult situations but you are not stressed like before nor the stress lasts long. You will notice the noise in life subsides and personal preferences for taste, smell and visual etc gets refined.  And one day - you realize that you are a different person - a better person.  The practices take a special meaning in life. This paves the way to your growth - a first necessary step in your spiritual journey.

What happens next?  - practice, practice and practice.
Enjoy your week!!