I got a call from someone in my family that one of my close family member is not well. The person had ulcers in their intestines and were so severe that only liquid diet was prescribed. Next day the person was suppose to get CT scan to determine the damage and whether they are required to be admitted to the hospital.

Since the person is very close to me I decided to go in my meditation that night to send healing to them.

I sat is meditation with intention to heal the person. As I went deep into my meditation, I saw an image, more like a shape that was filled with sparkling light blue light and bright white light emitting from their heart chakra. I then observed that I was given a chalice filled with the light blue potion of same color as the shape. I pour the potion on the ulcers and the hara blocks. They start getting healed.

Next day the person goes for CT scan and the report says no ulcers found only infection that could be cured with medicine.

Thank you Divine and thank you my Guru.