It is easy to get lost in the whirl of external pleasures. It is hard for us to realize, accept, and act on the eternal purpose of our life; the purpose so great that it reaches beyond the realms that we can grasp. Shifting this material minded purpose to yogi minded ultimate purpose is no small step in our evolution. 

We are living in a highly intelligent and conscious universe. Could it be that we are on this earth only for material gain? With a world so magnificent, how can that be our only goal? There is more to our existence than spending our weekends partying, weekdays hustling to move up the ladder, and PTOs traveling.

While these things can bring temporary happiness, we have a connection left unexplored in the midst of it all. This connection is the missing puzzle piece to everlasting happiness.

The chase for worldly pleasures will keep us stuck in the oscillations between highs and lows. In order to be truly happy from the inside, we need to be aligned with the universe.

If you are a person who wants to be in tune with the ultimate purpose, how do you go about realizing this ultimate purpose of your human existence? In the following video, DHC Guru Shailesh Kumar beautifully explains this very question.

Finding and working toward our immediate purpose builds a good foundation for our will power and quality of life. This can act as a base to allow us to be regular in our meditation practice. Sincere meditations will align you with Divine and the ultimate purpose will be clear to you.