What are Spiritual Healing Cards? 

Many of you have called the DHC seeking advice or help to send healing to your near and dear ones. There are times when you want to send healing to others and hope you got some additional healing support from the Divine Heart Center. Divine Heart Center and Infinity Yantras have used the intuitive science of patterns, colors, and energies to bring to you a beautiful Spiritual Healing Card! 

Now you can give the gift of healing to the ones that you care about. The front of the card has a powerful healing instrument and inside the card you can put the name of the person, family and event that you want to heal and put a start date for the healing. It will be great if you can send us the name of the person/family/event that you are healing but that's optional. The cards are programmed using distance Reiki techniques to shower healing on the person/family/event named in the card for 21 days from the start date! 

We believe the healing cards are a nice way to let your love known and circulate healing in the lives of the ones that matter the most. These cards would also make a great spiritual gift for all occasions including the Holidays! 

While we are still working on setting up our own printing, the first healing card is available at our cafe press store. The link is available in the Energy Cart section. 

If you use them, please provide feedback of your healee's experiences. 

Feel free to ask any questions. 

 May the Divine bless you with His healing power, 

 The DHC team.