Absolute can only be experienced by Its two Powers – Power of Love and Power of Intelligence. 

Power of His Love becomes power of our love. 

Power of His Intelligence becomes power of our thought. 

Our Love should manage our Thought. Our Thought should channel our Love. 

All healing happens through Loving Thought. 

The Hindus of the Shakti path worship the Thought as the Breath, the Goddess or the Lord Shiva. 

The Hindus of the Bhakti path immerse in the Love as the Radha-Krishna. 

The Carthusian Monks chant for Love as Mary, the Mother of the Christ. 

The Kabbalists through their precise characters invite the Supreme Thought Power. 

When one has longed enough in Love and suffered enough in Thought, 

All Karmas hence worked out, 

Eternal Peace is found in the Divine Heart – self-fulfilling inexhaustible Love. 

Overwhelming nectar of Love that brings spontaneous tears in the eyes is the right way Expanding Receptive Thought bereft of any complexes is the right way 

All healing happens from That, Here and Now 

Everything else is just a derivation.