My wife yesterday asked me to get her a new pair of glasses. I asked her why, whats wrong with the current ones. She said, that she had an eye doctor appointment and was told her number has reduced from 2.0 to 1.75. 

I thought that with age your eye vision gets weaker, looks like reverse is happening here. What could be the reason. Her diet did not change, she does not take any eye medication. 

I guess the only thing that can cause this would be her daily dose of spiritual medication. 

What is that? 

Doing little things everyday in Rajya Yoga. Practicing techniques that perfectly fit her busy lifestyle. 

Best part is that the techniques are so easy, that she is able to get time to practice them. 

But, the question might arise, is she really busy? 

She has a full time job and also takes care of 3 young boys of ages 1, 4 and 37. 

This just reinforced our belief. What was told to us by our Gurus was very accurate - "Practice Rajya Yoga and you will have abundance in Health, Wealth, Wisdom, Joy & Happiness". 

Everyone in this world is trying/struggling to to attain these 5 things, but are using a wrong vehicle. 

"A bullock cart will not get you to the Moon". You still have time start building your rocket ship using techniques taught at Divine Heart Center. If built with proper dedication and practice, Moon is nothing you will be able to go beyond this Universe. 

Thank you Divine 

Thank you Great Sages & Saints 

Thank you Shailesh & Parul 

Thank you Rajya Yoga 

 - Rajat