Spirituality, to begin with, is the discovery of our complete personality i.e. Soul, mind, and body. To make progress in this discovery, three things are essential:- 

1) Elimination of ego. 

2) Balanced living that focuses on Soul first, then mind and body. 

3) Practice of non-attachment to objects of desire. 

To achieve the above, there are three tools:- 

1) Surrender to the Absolute ( or Divine, if that seems more agreeable). 

2) Regular Meditation, Healing, and Exercise. 

3) Will Power and Courage to exercise the above tools. 


All beings, whether spiritually inclined or materially inclined, wish to attain eternal happiness. The difference is that a material person starts with the body first, then graduates to the mind , and then, after years of living in ignorance, experiences the Soul - given he or she maintains the will to continuously improve oneself. Most get trapped in the blind alleys of the mind and the senses. 

The spiritual person seeks happiness by discovering the Soul first. Happiness is the inherent nature of the Soul whereas mind and body need to be trained to be happy - oftentimes with the help of external objects of desire. Initially, the spiritual process results in temporary discomfort of the mind and body. However, the happiness thus achieved is permanent, spontaneous, and unconditional. 

Note that the spiritual person never neglects his mind or body. He does realize however, that awareness of one's Soul brings happiness of a higher quality and better permanence. Material abundance follows spiritual abundance. A spiritually realized person can always buy material happiness if he chooses to. However, the richest non-spiritual person can never buy spiritual happiness. 

Spiritual happiness comes only through non-attachment, balanced living, meditation, healing, and an ever increasing surrender to the Divine. Those who have meditated regularly and have done their healing regularly will have definitely experienced glimpses of Divine Love and the overwhelming feeling of gratitude and happiness that this love fills us with. Therefore, let us further discover our complete personality by attaining balance in our Soul, mind, and body through non-attachment, surrender, meditation, healing, and exercise.