Being a Guru is not easy. But then nothing is easy in this Maya induced Universe. To be

 a Guru, a high degree of surrender to the Divine is an absolute must. If the Guru is not surrendered to the Divine, he/she can't survive. Lack of surrender prevents a solid connection with the Divine. If this happens, the Guru will not be able to ground the negativity and hard Karma received through Karmic sharing with the initiates and he will perish. Even with a solid connection with the Divine, Masters like Jesus had to sacrifice themselves for the hard Karma of others. 

Oftentimes, initiates see the Guru as this pedagogical figure demanding strict obedience. Remember that when a Master says that he is your Guru, he actually commits to sharing your hard Karma to the best of his ability. He suffers when you are in pain, he feels uneasy when you cry, he feels hurt when your back heart aches. In other words, the Guru promises the initiate, "I take on your suffering to the best of my ability for your happiness is now my own". At the same the Guru also demands, "Be cheerful always and follow the path that I show you and surrender yourself completely to the Divine". Guru demands unconditional love and accepts unconditional love with neither a superiority complex not an inferiority complex. 

Being a Guru is not glamorous, even though he wields enormous influence over his initiates. When all the initiates make their sincere and best efforts to advance spiritually and be happy amidst adversity brought upon by their own hard Karma - they not only pave the path for their own happiness but also do their part to uplift all the beings of this Universe. The Guru's, leftover direct and shared indirect, Karma is shared by his Guru and so on. Ultimately, all suffering, which is the effect of hard Karma, goes back to the Source as love and light. We experience some effects due to incomplete surrender and for our own Karmic education.