Love is the most sought after commodity in our world today. It may not seem so at the

 surface but if you look deeply at the nature of our wants, you will find that all our wants stem from our need be loved and to give love. We want high-flying careers, we want hi-tech cars, we want to host grand parties etc. We do all this to satiate our need of being wanted or being desired by others, or to feel self- satisfied. Such actions are nothing but a external means to make ourselves feel loved. These external objects or external accomplishments give us a sense of fulfilment or completion. This sense is nothing but a by-product of love. When our being experiences love we feel fulfilled and complete. 

A Spiritual Being develops the ability to commune with the Divine. Divine is Love. Hence, the Spiritual Being can draw upon the well of Divine's Love and quench his/her thirst. On further progress, a Spiritual Being draws enough Love from the Divine's Heart that not only can he/she soak his/her own Self but has spare to give others. This is when the magic of abundance starts. 

See everybody is starving for Love while few people are able to give it and not feel drained. So when there comes along a Being who can give Love, the masses automatically get attracted to him/her. They feel at peace in the company of such a Being. Their fragmented and stressed minds find relief in his/her presence. As this happens, the Spiritual being receives a bonus. He/she is not only able to access Love from within, he/she also receives Love from the external world. Additionally, due to certain Spiritual Laws, this Being also attracts abundance in other forms be it career, family, wealth. 

Hence, Divine Seekers all over the world should work on being able to give Love. In doing so, they will be "manufacturing and distributing" a product that is in utmost demand today. If one can satisfy this "Consumerism of Love" from within one's own Being connected to the Divine Heart, one would achieve Eternal Happiness which is the goal of all Spiritual practices.