Dear Initiates, Seekers, and Friends: 

Wish you a happy, peaceful and wonderful New Year! 

New Year's are always a exciting times. The overall energy is that of leaving the past behind and starting anew. Let us use this energy as an opportunity to keep a few things in sight when we make plans this year. 

First, we should learn to live within our means. Oftentimes, we try to satisfy out innermost desire to be happy through external means - through shopping for cars, clothes, jewelery, eating at fancy restaurants etc. External things do have their place in Life for Life should be abundant and not austere. Life should also be simple. One will find that one enjoys external things more when one is at peace and integrated within oneself. When we start extending beyond our means, Life becomes merely a series of mathematical calculations running in our heads with no room for enjoyment left in our minds and no energy for Love left in our Hearts. Life has to be lived. It is not a project plan. Understanding this is a key to happiness. Hence, this year let us live abundantly and let us live within our means. 

Second, we should become more tolerant, loving, and present. Achievers know that they can aim better when they are still because the target will always move. Tolerance bestows upon us the ability to maintain our poise amidst adversity. This poise helps us avoid bitterness towards others, anger towards the world outside and within one's own self. Effectively, it makes us more loving and love is the only elixir that this realm of existence has to offer, the only panacea that can rejuvenate the dullness of our Karmic outcomes. All this can only be enjoyed when we are present in the moment for a mind that lives in the fearful imagination of the future and judgmental memories of the past can never enjoy Life as it has come to us today. Hence, this year let us be more tolerant, loving, and present. 

Third, regularly practice the techniques of meditation and Reiki taught to you. Achieving balanced abundance of health, wealth, happiness, wisdon, joy and relationships is a tough achievement. Meditation, Reiki and arduous non-attached effort are the minimum prerequisites for it. So let us be effeciently active doing meaningful things so that people see the speed of light within us and let us be deeply calm so we can let the Divine Light itself shine through us. Those who have practiced last year have experienced what I have written. So keep practicing. 

Thanks to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. for his works and sacrifice. If it were not for this holiday, Divine knows when else could I have written this email. 

This year will also mark the beginning of the Divine Heart Center which is an organization that will be starting soon with the purpose of creating Happiness within one's world and worldwide. I have started a blog to share my experiences for the benefit of seekers and thought leaders in our Universe - . Please read and provide feedback. The articles on the blog are written in a very short time so pardon any grammatical or editing error that you find. I am looking for someone who can read the blog and edit it. So let me know if you love grammar and have an hour or so a week to spare. 

I am sending this email to some friends who I think will benefit. If you no longer wish to receive such emails, please let me know. All healing requests, questions should now be directed to this email account. I will stop using account soon. May the Divine Be You,