Reiki is the power of the Divine’s Unconditional Love.Reiki is being widely    used as an alternative therapy to prevent and cure ailments right from common headaches to chronic pains. Reiki is a balancing power and    helps one achieve balance in health, wealth, relationships, happiness, wisdom and joy. Reiki doesn’t guarantee that all of one’s desires will be    fulfilled, but it does say that in due time, through regular practice, either    one’s desires are fulfilled or the craving for those desires dissolves. Reiki    compliments meditation. Meditation expands one’s awareness and Reiki fills it with the power of Love. This synergy improves the quality of one’s life and experiences therein. We are all exposed to the power of Divine’s nconditional Love, but in the same way as a television channel needs to be tuned to receive CNN or MTV, a seeker needs to be tuned to Reiki’s power to be able to channel Reiki. Unconditional Love is the raw material out of which this world is created. A Reiki channel has access to this Love and using his/her own intelligence can convert this raw material into manifested achievements. Eventually, the goal is to reach a state where there is no need for achievement and no craving for any desire. Unconditional surrender to the Unconditional Love of the Divine is the key. Overall results are improvement in the quality of one’s life and balance in health, wealth, relationships, happiness, wisdom and joy. The healer keeps his empowered hands on the different points on the healee’s body for about three minutes and heals the physical, energy and spiritual aspects of the latter’s complete personality. Healees suffering from any medical ailments are always advised to continue their regular mainstream medical treatment and compliment the same with hour and a half long Reiki treatments. In today’s world, lasting Happiness is an achievement and we all have the potential to achieve the same. In my realization, meditation (Raja Yoga) combined with Reiki is the path and the vehicle to achieve Eternal Happiness.