Meditation is a way to connect us with our inner Higher Self and   with the Source of all Creation. Metaphorically, it is the same as . connecting a cell phone (our Being) to a charger (the Source).  If not connected to the charger, the cell phone will eventually drain down. Most of us spend a lot of our time and  energies focusing   on being victorious over the external world. Meditation, through its    successive stages, enables us to focus within, calm our over- active minds, and eventually, after ardent practice, bestows us       access to the Source of all Creation and to the Infinite potential lurking behind the busy and fragmented minds of all of us. Meditation is not easy. In the beginning it does not relax oneself. When one tries to meditate, the rebellious mind - conditioned over the years to keep thinking, calculating and worrying - wages a war within one’s being and prevents one from being still. An experienced teacher and a realized Guru leads a seeker through the rebellious stages of the mind into the stillness that charges oneself and then beyond. One can aim better externally, when one’s Being is still within. Relaxation is experienced, followed by stillness, “one-pointed-ness”, “centered-ness”, expansion and heightened awareness, and, only after continuous unflinching practice, realization of the Source.