The seed of all disease is Spiritual ignorance. Transgressing the Spiritual Laws - 

knowingly or unknowingly - creates malefic effects as follows:- 

- taints our ego 

- creates mental blocks 

- weakens our aura and, utlimately, creates pathological disease 

Karmic Law is one of the Spiritual Laws. Spirtual Laws can only be known through spiritual intuition. These Spiritual Laws are above, and applicable across, all religions. 

At the basic level, all beings desire happiness. Also, a being's struggle is fundamentally against the Cosmic Hypnosis or Maya that eclipses its happiness. This Cosmic Hypnosis through a series of transformations takes the form of cultural theories, political theories, scientifc theories, management theories, financial theories etc. These theories organize the society and provide widespread relief from disease because they draw their content ultimately from the Karmic Law or the Law of Cause and Effect. However, they are unable to create total Happiness in everyone's lives because they are propounded by, interpreted by, and applied on beings who, in varying degrees, are under the ignorance induced by the Cosmic Hypnosis. 

A being's happiness is ultimately its own responsibility. A being has also been provided by the Divine all the means to achieve happiness. In fact, all beings have a circuit of energy within them which in its healthy state propels them towards happiness. 

Transgressing the spiritual laws creates a feeling of heaviness within us. This heaviness creates disease. Following the Spiritual Laws gives us a feeling of freedom. This lightness prevents and cures disease. To achieve happiness, one must pierce through one's personal ignorance - Avidya- and the Cosmic Hypnosis - Maya.