Shri Vijay Bansal, a wonderful human being, guru, husband and father, left us for the continuation of his heavenly journey on August 22, 2008. 

Born in a loving family with seven siblings he grew up to be a man most adored. After completion of his education at IIT Kanpur in 1970, he joined teams with his father and brothers in the family hardware business. Always fascinated by new technology, he introduced revolutionary changes in the operations of the business. With his marriage to Smt. Anita he entered into ‘grahasthashram’ and fathered two children- a girl (Parul) and a boy (Sachin). 

Enterprising as he was, he tried multi careers during the earlier years of his life as an insurance surveyor, real estate developer and hardware manufacturer. However he was always thoughtful of the ultimate purpose of his life-realizing God. In 1994 he suffered with serious heart condition resulting in an emergency ‘by-pass’ surgery and a ‘near death experience’. That was the turning point in his life which took him on the path of ‘self-realization’. 

He started an energy healing and meditation center in his home town, Agra which has been expanded to Gurgoan by his son with the goal of making this a world-wide mission. From thereon he became the beloved ‘guru’ of thousands, spreading love, joy, cheer and knowledge of Bhagwad Gita in the hearts of all- a teacher whose presence illumined the path for countless souls. He also established energy management systems which facilitate change or alteration of the composition of our energies which results in an automatic change in everything around us. 

He lived his life as he taught - intelligently, cheerfully and lovingly. This was his wish for all of us too. We all hope to continue his legacy of spreading the fragrance of love and purging the stench of bitterness. 

“When you realize that the life is a joyous battle of duty and at the same time a passing dream, and when you become filled with the joy of making others happy by giving them kindness and peace, in God’s eye your life is a success.” 

--Parmahansa Yogananda