Dear All, 

On Friday, August 22, 2008 – two days before Janamasthmi – our Guru, friend and relative, Shri Vijay Bansal, left his temporary abode in this mortal realm. He was young at 59. 

All who knew him -who met him even occasionally -would know that it is a terrible spiritual loss. Shri Vijay Bansal was, and truly is, a legend – not in the media, not in the newspapers but in the hearts of the thousands of his initiates who looked up to him for spiritual guidance and for material healing. He was in the backdrop of many healing miracles, he would answer questions of the faithful initiates even before they were asked, and he had a precise and unmatched living realization of esoteric spiritual laws. I knew Vijay Bansal both as my Guru, guide and father-in-law. At the core, we shared one common purpose – to know God. My meeting with Vijay Bansal in this life was a coincidence, even though there are no coincidences in this life. Almost ten years back, my noticing a small board outside a house that mentioned “Reiki” led me to him and was my gateway into a magnanimous spiritual journey that has been the mode, the meaning, and the means of my life since that first meeting. When I met him for the first time, I gradually understood that my restlessly passionate mind, incessantly craving to know the unknown, had met its match. What followed were ten years of apprenticeship during which I was led to the rarely travelled realms of deep spiritual realization through the vehicle of intense physical, mental and spiritual training. “Coal becomes diamond under intense pressure, else it remains coal”. 

Shri Vijay Bansal was Divinely human and humanly Divine at the same time. Had he been more Divine, we would not have been able to access him, and had he been more human, he would not have had the pin-pointed realization of the Spiritual field. While his passing away makes me sad, I also know that a Master suffers tremendously albeit silently everyday – he dies everyday so his initiates can live. True masters do not hesitate to travel to the depths of hell to find their old disciples from previous lives and deliver them to the doorsteps of the Divine. 

I also realize that Death, as harsh as it may seem, is not a bad thing after all. It is that portal through which things material are separated from the Spirit Divine. What belongs to the Divine, returns back to Him, and what belongs to this Maya infested world is left here as ashes. All initiates should rest assured that the Master is now at a good and a loving place and is forever happy. Happiness and Love is what he always wished and still wishes for us. What is limited in the body of flesh becomes limitless in the formless body of light. A master becomes immortal when his initiates don’t just talk about his spiritual teachings but ACT on them regularly and without fail as if he were physically alive. Happiness is possible only though Spiritual action. 

His passing away should be an episode in our spiritual journey, not the end of a story. The Master, sadly, is no more. The Master, however, is forevermore