Your Anger is in Your Pancreas!

Everyone experiences inner anger at different points in their lives and, many times, at different times in a single day! Some people are always angry from inside.

Inner anger – a type of anger that you can neither express nor let go – causes a lot of internal damage. It diminishes your ability to experience joy in your life, it affects your relationships and it affects your performance at work. The question then becomes, “how can you heal this inner anger irrespective of its cause?”

Reiki is a unique spiritual science that revives the lesser known connection between your emotions and your body. A Reiki practitioner learns how to focus attention and energy on certain points in the body which in turn not only affects the physicality of that area but also heals the psychosomatic emotion that is associated with that area. According to the science of Reiki, your inner anger is associated with the spleen and pancreatic area of your body. By that association, it is conceivable that unchecked accumulation of this anger can cause actual physical impact in that region leading to serious diseases such as pancreatic cancer.

From a CNN report, pancreatic cancer will be one of the top cancer killer by 2030.

“By 2030, the top cancer killers in the United States will be lung, pancreas and liver, according to a new report published Monday in the American Association for Cancer Research's journal.

Lung cancer is already the top killer overall, but pancreatic and liver cancer will surpass the cancers currently considered the second and third leading causes of death, researchers say. Right now, second most dangerous is breast cancer for women and prostate cancer for men; and third is colorectal cancer for both men and women.” -

I wonder if this is a reflection of the rising inner anger in our society caused by growing stress and lack of healthy non-addictive ways of enjoying life.

The solution that the science of Reiki offers is to empower you to direct the healing power of the Universe to a certain point in your body or to a certain situation in your life. This results in harmony at that point or in that situation. When the affected area of your body or mind or your life regains its harmony with the Universe, it is healed.

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Be Happy. Be Healed.