Come along with Grandmaster Shailesh on a life changing "yatra" to Mt. Kailash and Mansarovar on a specially planned itinerary. Mount Kailash is considered the holiest mountain on earth by a number of faiths and religions. Through millennia, monks, yogis and pilgrims from all over the world have braved unimaginable hardships to reach this abode of Gods. Its exceptional isolation and the peculiar contours of black granite, that gives it the appearance of a Shivalinga, have caused Kailash to be venerated as a place that is both representative and emblematic of Shiva. For Hindus, a journey of Kailash is considered the ultimate "yatra" due to both the difficulty of reaching it and the level of sanctity attached to it. This "yatra" will be performed partly by helicopter/flights and partly on land.