In mathematical terms how could you define Divine state.

Zero (0): 

A state of Nothingness Infinity (∞): A state of everything excluding nothingness 


Creation would be the state that exist between 0 and ∞. 


Divine an absolute state would be where both Nothingness and Everything exist at same time. In Mathematical terms it would be - 

0 + ∞ = Divine (where reaches x->0 and reaches y->∞ at same time). This is bit complex. Now since 0 and ∞ are part of Divine, then everything else between 0 & ∞ is also part of Divine. 

 Then this must be true - 

“ Divine is within us and we are within Divine” 

This is much simpler, all you need to do is to realize the Divine within you. 

How you realize the Divine within you? 

 Meditate..... Meditate...... Meditate 

 - Rajat