Divine Heart Center organizes multiple meditation sessions every week. There are discussions during the sessions and the host answers the questions and provides guidance to the seeker on how to progress in their practice.


W/E  13-Oct-2019


The following topics were discussed during Basic Meditation Session:-

Host - Grandmaster Shailesh 

  • We discussed the seating postures in meditation - the lotus posture, the half-lotus posture and the easy posture (“sukhaasana”). We discussed about why is the lotus posture the best for locking the root chakra and for pushing the “kundalini” energy upwards; followed by other postures. 
    • We went through the protection shield technique in Reiki. The protection shield protects the Reiki channel from negative energy and from accidents.
      • We read a few paragraphs from the Bhagvad Gita about: 
        • The importance of a healthy body in the path of meditation.
        • The body is used as an instrument in meditation. A broken musical instrument can’t play harmonious tunes. Similarly, God, typically, can’t be realized completely if there is debility in the body or the mind. Therefore, a healthy body and a sharp mind is important in the path of self realization.
        • We briefly read about the diet and lifestyle required for a healthy body and mind.


      The following topics were discussed during Advanced Meditation Session:-

      Host - Grandmaster Shailesh

      • We revised Reiki Raja Yoga Level 1 techniques of protecting the aura, distance healing across time and space and Vastu cleansing of energies in the house. 
      • The advanced initiates meditated on the deeper metaphysics behind the techniques. 
      • We also discussed the karmic feedback loop from causal body to energy body and then to physical body and back. This understanding is important to manifest healing from the thought level to the material level. 
      • We also reviewed the structure of the affirmations in detail - especially the use of the words “healed, whole and complete. So it is. Thank you. Divine will be done”. Each sentence carries a secret to connect our limited power to the unlimited powerful flow of the universe. The flow magnifies our affirmations to manifest them in multiple dimensions. 
      • We also discussed that the Reiki techniques occur in spiritual and energy dimensions and therefore should not be confused with the limitations of the physical dimension for example invoking Divine Light in a crowded train.



      Aum Prem