Most of us are aware of the benefits of meditating regularly and how it can transform one’s life. We often hear from people, “I know I should meditate more regularly but life is so crazy. I don’t have the time”. The problem with that logic is that life is not going to become easier. If children being too young makes it hard for you, wait until their teenage years! If work feels too busy right now, what is in store next year? The point is that life will keep bringing new challenges.

In the following video, Guru Shailesh Kumar explains what prevents people from meditating.


Do you want to become more regular with your meditation practice? Group meditations can help upspring that motivation.

DHC offers weekly meditations in both Sudbury and Ashburn centers. These sessions are also available online. Can it get any easier? You just need to take that first step. Guru can only show you the path, but you will need to walk the path yourself.

As our dear Guru Shailesh Kumar says, “Come out of your ignorance, remove the veil of Maya, exercise your will power, and just do it”. Why wait till tomorrow? Expedite your evolution now!


Aum, Prem