Divine Heart Center organizes multiple meditation sessions every week. There are discussions during the sessions and the host answers the questions and provides guidance to the seeker on how to progress in their practice.


W/E  27-Oct-2019


The following topics were discussed during Basic Meditation Session:-

Host - Grandmaster Shailesh 

  • We practiced the fundamental exercises to build the breath needed for the higher Kriyas. 
  • Breath is the stepping stone to the breathless state.  
    • We read a few paragraphs from the Bhagvad Gita about: 
      • We discussed the experiences in the superconsciousness state. In the superconscious state, the yogi actually experiences the prana behind the solid and liquid matter, fire, air and ether as his or her consciousness withdraws from the lower chakras to the higher ones.
      • Shri Paramhansa Yogananda clarifies that everyone can say that thought is behind everything; however, just saying or thinking has little affect on once spiritual state. Only through the practice of Guru given Kriya meditation a yogi can actually experience the prana behind the different states of the material world.
      • This is an important guidance. In Reiki, we say energy follows thoughts, but only steadfast practitioners with a one pointed goal of self-realization are actually able to actually experience the movement of the energy that follows thought.


    The following topics were discussed during Advanced Meditation Session:-


    Host - Grandmaster Shailesh

    • We practiced a special variation of Kriya to invoke the energy of Shree Lakshmi in the chakras to attract abundance. 
    • The attendees received healing to balance the Ganesha element and the Lakshmi element in their chakras and aura. 
    • The nature of Lakshmi is movement and agility. Lakshmi, by its very nature, does not want to stay in one place, it likes to constantly move and change hands. Therefore, invoking the Ganesha element is important to stabilize Lakshmi. 
    • Ganesha provides stability to the energy field in the aura of the body and the Vastu of the house - which then tethers the Lakshmi to stay seated in one’s aura and one’s home’s Vastu. This stable photon of light was transferred to the attendees today as a gift of Diwali. 
      • We read a few paragraphs from the Bhagvad Gita about: 
        • We continued to discuss the scientific viewpoint of the five elements - earth, water, fire, air, ether and super-ether.
        • Shri Paramahansa Yogananda again reiterated that just thinking about spirituality and even having astral visions is not enough. One needs to break the barrier of ether by withdrawing the life force away from the senses and within to correctly experience self-realization.



      Aum Prem