Divine Heart Center organizes multiple meditation sessions every week. There are discussions during the sessions and the host answers the questions and provides guidance to the seekers on how to progress in their practice.


W/E 10-Nov-2019


The following topics were discussed during Beginner's Meditation with Distance Healing

Host - Grandmaster Shailesh 

  • We continued the practice of extending the breath using the vibration of Aum
  • Attendees also received distance healing to further their practice.  
    • We read a few paragraphs from the Bhagvad Gita about: 
      • We read about the experiences of the super yogi - which Shri Paramhansa Yogananda calls as the Superman (in today’s world it equates to a super person).
      • The super yogi develops cosmic consciousness and doesn’t feel himself limited to a body, or to the brain, or to the thousand rays of the crown chakra. Instead, the super yogi, feels by true inituitive power the ever bubbling bliss that dances in every particle of his little body and in the big Cosmic body of the universe, and in the absolute nature as one with the Eternal Spirit beyond manifested forms.
      • Never a victim of imaginary perceptions, fanciful aspirations, or “wisdom” hallucinations, the super yogi is always intensely conscious of the Unmanifested Spirit and also of the entire cosmos in all its bewildering variety.
      • Living in the world, the super yogi is not of the world. The super yogi experiences sensations, not in the sensory organs but as perceptions in the brain.
      • The ordinary person feels sensations of sight, sound, touch and taste; heat or cold, in their respective organs and nerves; the super yogi feels all such sensations in the brain. The super yogi beholds the body as a bundle of condensed electrons and life force; ready to be materialized and dematerialized at the Yogi’s will.
      • Through the brain, the super yogi experiences the body and the universe as a true to life projection of a cosmic motion picture.
      • The super yogis body is the universe and all the things that happen in the universe are his sensations.
      • With this experience, the super yogi is aware of a planet’s movement trillions of light years away while being aware of the movement of a sparrow sitting nearby.


    The following topics were discussed during Advanced Meditation Session

    Host - Grandmaster Shailesh

    • We revised the Reiki Kriya Technique and the advanced Kriyas. 
    • We discussed the flow of Brham and experienced how to absorb it. 
    • Grandmaster Shailesh directed the attendees to experience the creation as a garden of light, vibration and formation - that is the true process of gardening that a yogi is aware of
    • Our desire to grow flowers in our physical gardens is a derivation of this eternal process of gardening that’s happening in the universe. 
    • We read a few paragraphs from the Bhagvad Gita about:
      • Paramhansa Yogananda continued to describe the experiences of the super yogi - the super yogi perceives the world through the power of the inner eye; through the searchlights of the astral powers of vision, sound , smell, taste and touch, he beholds the territory of omnipresent Cosmic Consciousness.
      • In this state, the super yogi knows the twinkling atoms of cosmic energy to be his own eyes, through which he peers into every pore of space and into infinity.
      • He enjoys in all creation the fragrance of Bliss; and inhales the sweetness of astral atom-blossoms, blooming in the cosmic garden.


    Aum Prem